Who is LegalZoom®?

Headquartered in Glendale, California, LegalZoom® is the leading, nationally recognized legal brand for small businesses and consumers in the United States.  LegalZoom offers an easy-to-use and affordable online service for creating and managing legal documents.  This service allows customers to easily create legal documents for starting a business, managing a business, and handling personal legal matters.  LegalZoom can specifically assist customers with legal documents for copyrights, business formation, wills, patents, power of attorney, and real estate leases—just to name a few.

Founded by Eddie Hartman, Brian Lee, Robert Shapiro, and Brian Liu, LegalZoom began offering legal services online in 2001.  LegalZoom has rapidly expanded to become the premier online legal destination for small business and consumers by making sure everyone gets the legal protection they need.  LegalZoom was named “one of the ten best digital tools for entrepreneurs in 2012” by Forbes Magazine.

LegalZoom and PEI

In 2010, LegalZoom and PEI joined forces to offer Business Pro Coach Network, an exclusive program available to LegalZoom customers that allows them unlimited access to live, expert business Coaches who have real-life experience in starting, growing, and running small businesses.  In addition, customers of this program receive access to a members-only website that includes tools, tips, and content to further assist them with their business needs.

This program is a great compliment to LegalZoom’s services because Business Pro Coach Network experts will work step-by-step with customers to help them proactively uncover areas where they can make immediate improvements in their business strategy. No matter if the customer’s business is in the infancy stage or is already established, these experienced business experts can help improve growth.

A Word from a Coach

"What's great is that this program works for entrepreneurs at any stage of business – start up, growth, operational, expansion, and more.  We act as the customer’s own personal council to brainstorm ideas about starting or managing their own business.  As fellow small business owners, we lend our real life experience to help guide our customers towards business success!”

— Coach David, Business Expert

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